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We Providing Best Indutrial Solution For Our Customers Business Growing In Last 25+ Years.

Sheezan International Ltd (SIL) was founded in 2003, with the mission of supplying complete mechanical, electrical and electronic machine solutions to the rich, huge and demanding local market. We are trader, importer, general order supplier and whole sale dealer. We deal in all types of machineries and products. We import agricultural machines, industrial machines, construction machines, clinical machines from European, American and Asian countries. SIL fulfills food processing and packaging needs, industrial needs, garments need, clinical needs and all type of machineries on demand.

In less developed countries, upgrading production technologies by importing machinery is an important source of growth. A key aspect of improving economy-wide performance in less developed countries is upgrading production technologies by importing machinery, the latter being an essential source. As trade liberalisation progresses and the economy opens up, many firms will be set to upgrade their production technologies. To decide which machine to purchase, many will look to other firms to learn from their experience.

Pakistan’s local machinery manufacturing sector is relatively small in size and a majority of the demand for machinery emanating from large industries such as construction, textile, energy etc are met through imports. In addition, there is a lack of investment in technology and R&D in Pakistan due to which the country’s machinery sector lags behind the international market in terms of quality.

We believe in building trust and good relations with our clients.


  • Construction Machinery
  • Earth Moving Machinery
  • Hoisting Machinery
  • 24/7 Assiatance


On Time Delivery

Timeliness is crucial in a commercial setting. SECO makes sure that all deliveries of items are made on schedule. At SECO, every job is continuously tracked in real time for quality. If needed in the event of a breakdown, emergency delivery is also offered.


At SECO, we are aware of how crucial an expansion joint is to the operation of one of our clients. Each expansion joint is designed by our team of engineers to resist extreme conditions, and our quality fabrication ensures that our product lasts longer.